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About us




We were founded in January of 2013. Our little story starts with Annea Hapciu. As a dedicated yoga practitioner in the states, Annea used yoga to help her balance her demanding studies, extra curricular activities and jobs while at the University of Dayton. Upon returning to Kosovo, she decided to create N’Yoga, to offer people living in Kosovo a place where they can learn and practice a mind, body & soul lifestyle.


The idea came about with the encouragement and request of friends and family. Given our recent history, the current economical situation, the collective social and psychological traumas of the country, her friends and family believe that there is much need for the yoga discipline to get integrated in our culture.The main aim of N’Yoga is to offer its participants an opportunity to relax, reenergize and revitalize themselves holistically (mind, body & spirit).

Our Yoga sessions are specifically designed according to the Kosovar lifestyle, our eating habits, our sleeping habits, and our working habits. Given our recent and expedite changes in our lifestyle, standard of living, international cultural influences, and the change in our working habits, there is much need to focus in the individual and work towards bringing balance to every person. This is in the hope that through individual impact we can positively change and improve our economy and balance our society.

Our sessions consist of 5-10 minutes of guided meditation, followed by a 40-45 minute sequence of asanas (physical sequence of poses), and a 5 minute of silent meditation.

Our aim is to see our participants relaxed, re-energized and revitalized after our yoga sessions. We try to bring harmony in all three aspects of the self: the mental, emotional and physical.
The instructor has been certified in United States of America for Power Yoga. However, the classes are adapted to the Kosovar lifestyle and the needs of the clients.

All those who would like to dust off the everyday burdens, the accumulated stress and physical ailments, are welcome.


Please contact us for further details and for Individual and Corporate Classes and Events or Festivals!


Local Charity

We love to support the ones in need, thus we ask from you to send us a formal request at least three months prior to your event and we’ll try our best to make it!


Please complete the formal registration online, so together we may preserve the forests!



Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier.

To show courtesy and respect to our fellow practitioners, we ask you to not be late.

Ladies: You may wear anything that you feel comfortable in – leggings, sweat pants, t-shirts or camies.

Gentlemen: You too may wear anything that is comfortable to you.

You will not need tennis shoes and can practice bare foot. You may change at home or at our location.

Once in the class, please turn off your cellphones or any electronic devices that may ring or vibrate.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are more than willing to help you feel as comfortable as possible to join our classes!

Namaste ^_^


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     *We post our latest news and changes in class schedule on:

Facebook: N’Yoga

Twitter: @nyogastudio

LinkedIn: N’Yoga

Instagram: nyoga



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  • Përgjegjësia Shëndetësore dhe Ligjore
    Ju lutemi konsultohuni me mjekun para se të filloni Yoga, sidomos nëse keni pasur ndonjë lloj operacioni apo jeni duke përdorur ndonjë lloj medikamenti!

    Me nënshkrimin e kësaj kontrate, ju e lironi "N’Yoga" nga çfarëdo detyrimi apo përgjegjësie për shëndetin tuaj gjatë orëve të Yogas, sikur edhe nga çfarëdo lloji të përgjegjësisë ligjore.

  • Health & Legal Liability
    Please consult your doctor before starting Yoga, especially if you have had any kind of surgery or are currently using medications!

    By signing this contract, you release "N'Yoga" from any kind of liability or responsibility relating to your health during and after the Yoga classes, as well as any sort of legal liability.